Our King

By: Gabrielle Jean-Pierre

In one swift second, August 28th was cursed.

In one measly second of hearing the news, our hearts filled with pain so terrible,

With a jolt so fierce, that had stopped our pulse too, but just for a second.

Not for an eternity.

Tears welled up in our discouraged eyes,

Tears too heavy that streamed down our cheeks in wavering lines,

Lines that matched our breaths as we tried to speak.

Unsuccessful attempts interrupted by the cracks of a broken heart.

He was our King.

Although a King can rule and hate his people,

So let me rephrase.

He was a legend.

From his majestic suit he proudly sported on the screen for everyone to see,

To his genuine care and love for his people,

He did everything to support us. If only we knew the struggles he faced.

Although we couldn’t do anything to change it.

He gave without exchange.

The true magic of his Ruling was when he jumped out of the screen.

It didn’t simply end at King T’Challa.

The pride and unity he brought our community is even greater than that.

The courage he instored in each and every one of us will guide us through our own battles.

Our mission?

It’s to take the united Wakanda nation he created, and to merge our pride in that land, with the realities of the world we live in.

"Wakanda will no longer watch from the shadows. We cannot. We must not." He says.

And we won’t.

Because as one legend falls,

Another rises.

And with the passing of our beloved Chadwick, a courageous army has risen.

Thank you legend.

First off, I’d like to state my deepest condolences to the Boseman Family seeing that I can’t imagine the emotional pain they’re facing after losing such an incredible man. Chadwick Boseman was no doubt an exemplary human who left an exceptional impact on the world and will forever be remembered for his contribution to developing and enriching Black pride. He helped break a multitude of stereotypes, as he played the King of a RICH African nation, he gave us hope in a bright future for our community, and contributed to the much-needed display of African culture, all while fighting a fatal cancerous disease. He was an avenger off set and has inspired us to fight for all that’s right. Impact like the one he has left on us is the kind that pushes people to voice their opinions, and to take on crucial topics, hence my involvement in Create Social Change.

What I’ve been reflecting on from this is the notion that we need to continue making big investments in our Black Community, like Black Panther for example. The ambiance felt after the movie was unlike anything I’ve experienced. So much pride. So much emotion. He will not die in vain. Our job now is to continue what he added to our community, by demonstrating our deep and unwavering commitment to our heritage, culture and family. We don’t need a suit for that (although that would be super cool), we really don’t need anything but an outlet, our talents, along with our genuine pride in the community of the past, the present, and the one we hope to build and reinforce for the future.

In the comment section below, share how Chadwick has had an impact on your life personally! For me, I felt like the only way I could express how grateful I am for him was through a poem. It feels great to be back for another article and I have some great ones on the way!

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